Jul 25, 2008

The temptation of the temporary!

If you know that something or someone will give you temporary moments of satisfaction/contentment or even happiness but you are dead sure that this won't last...

Should you still take the plunge and enjoy it?
Should you protect yourself now, from the hurt of losing it later, by not indulging in it at all?

Why are most Indian men such perverted pigs???

The forum is open for discussion.

Jul 24, 2008

the real Sue

The latest personality test I took gives a little insight into the real Sue. It is accurate for the most part. So a sneak peak for you boys who are trying to woo me.

For short: Wildcat, Naughty, Party gal, Thoughtful

"You are romantic in your outlook with a bit of a taste for the exotic. You love feeling the sea breeze in your hair, sun on your skin... you always take the first dip. When it comes to art, you are definitely unconventional, you are drawn to the beauty of the human body - and to the opportunity to express your identity through it. Music rules your weekends. Sweaty clubs, bangin' parties are where you feel most at home. You are very sociable, love going out, meeting friends and havin it large.

Always first to take the leap, you always look forward and try not to have any regrets. You like to take the plunge - this positive attitude will give you a wealth of experience. For kicks, there is nothing like a little affection to give you a buzz. There is always so much flirting to be done. When it comes to holidays, there is nothing that beats the night lights of the big cities (but I love calm beaches too). With a metropolis as your playground, you will never run out of things to do.

You love being a little bit naughty. Being good all the time is too boring - life should be about enjoyment. Your choice of drink reflects extravagant but classic taste. You probably like to get dressed up, go out and been seen in all the glamourous haunts (only sometimes though. There are many times I enjoy chilling with friends over a beer). As for the home you are a bit of a traditionalist. It is not just about function - style is a definite priority.

For you friendship is all about being there for one another. It's so precious to know that there are there a few special people in the world that you can always rely on. When you think of freedom, you think of being incharge of your own direction. The open road and a full tank can take you pretty much anywhere."

Jul 21, 2008

Take the survey!

I came out with a promotion and a great rating/bonus and the following advice from the appraisal this year:

"You are perceived as arrogant and as someone with an attitude problem by some other managers in the process who have not worked with you. I am your manager and I know it is confidence and self-assurance regarding your capabilities and you are very open to feedback but you appear that way to the outside world. That is not good for your future career."

Ok. So let's do a survey. How many of you think I am arrogant or have an attitude problem? Please choose an option on the survey and follow up with generous comments on this topic.

Your feedback may save my career. (Ok I am largely exaggerating here :P)

P.S. You guys have a week to submit your answers. Please note that you may choose multiple options. Also please feel free to direct your friends who know to me to this blog just for this survey. Thankeees!

Jul 12, 2008

Finally married.

Married to the job.

I did a compare/contrast analysis on my ideas(more like misconceptions) on that new job in Comms before I joined and now i.e. two weeks into it.

My time at the agency last year was a hurricane of disastrously tight deadlines, clients yelling their head off, the boss lady yelling her head off and then the creative guys thinking, I am just not good enough to keep all the balls in the air (Wink!Wink! at Hetch).

Still a situation with tight deadlines. Internal clients who don't yell but put their displeasure forward in a sarcasticly caustic, politically correct manner which, in my opinion, is worse. The boss lady is freaking out more than I am, so I am the calming factor, which is new and interesting. The creative guys are troublesome until I pay them a visit, which is a twenty minute drive from the office and they like my face enough to do my work for me on time. It helps to be cute in the professional world :)

I am looking forward to the writing, though. It is less pressured because it business writing. I am good at that. Copywriting or creative writing, not so sure. I guess I did choose the safer option. I still have my blog for my creative (or destructive) brain-puke so I don't mind restricting myself to business writing at work.

Business writing is also bundooooing(courtesy: Bundoo@mindset)me royally. It's cos they want 300 word articles done in a span of an hour. My mind is not set for bullet-train speed writing yet. And this is not the safer option, because the big boss thinks I am creative for some odd reason and gives me all those campaigns that need that kind of ideation and input. That too in a day! Waaah....help me Hari :(

And the blog, it has become my girlfriend, who I don't see so much anymore. I don't get to write as often thanks to the wife(job).

Plus, the job involves dealing and interacting with many leaders across the global office. That should be fun too. I like people, and all kinds of em'. I get to sit on the 'executive' floor of the office complex, so this is a great networking opportunity. I get to cover events around the different service lines in the office so I am not chained to my desk all day long.

Yes, it does involve dealing and interacting with leaders. It also involves dealing with their high and sometimes unrealistic expectations, their unresponsiveness when it comes to sending content and their time tantrums. Executive floor is nice though, love the restroom with the full length mirror in it. As far as covering events go, I am like superman, flying from place to place, handling crises all over the place.

And I can read, read and read during work. Whether its blogs, online magazines, the newspaper, comics or novels... I am actually working on professional development and building my writing skills, vocabulary and creativity. All pre-requisites for the job so no one can call it leisure activity during work hours.

Hahahahahaha!! I am so cute when I am naive ain't I. Forget reading blogs, online magazines, newspapers etc....I don't get time to read my own emails...wait thats the business email I am talking about :). I find 5 minute windows between my meeting schedules to catch on my emails and sit on the weekend for a couple of hours to organize them. Leisurely activity amounts to the required pee breaks during the day and nothing more.

The salary is static, but hey I ain't feeding a family of four so I can make do with what I have. The boss does warn me about the lack of recognition or awards, but I guess I can deal with that as long as I am excelling on my own standards for myself.

I GOT A PROMOTION! Yaaaay! So I guess there will be a hike in the salary. I still stand by my statement on 'excelling on my own standards for myself' so that's that.

The boss lady has a tattoo. Isn't that awesome? Cos I can get a couple and not be judged or get into trouble for it. And now the best thing about this move is, NO MORE MS EXCEL, No more rows and columns of useless data-entry...... I am free from the 'Copy Paste' and the 'Alt Tab' syndrome. Yaaay!!

The boss lady has a tattoo. I now know why...she is used to enduring pain. from clients, from creative, from the team, from the press, from her family, from traffic, from her tired body. I will be good at that too...soon. As far as excel goes, I have only opened it to create communications plans for clients, which is tolerable.

I do complain night and day about the 12-hour schedule every day with the traffic situation both ways and the lack of time for myself. I miss my friends from my old team who do 'chai @ adda', team outings, smoke breaks and timepass gossip sessions without me.

But I still love this move. I finally get to write. I finally get goosebumps and my heart skips a beat when I see a new interesting assignment from the boss. I finally get to use my brain at work. I finally love going to work every morning. Finally married to a job I love.

Jul 5, 2008

A touch of pink

Christiano picks up the tiny, intricately woven, fuschia pink, Victoria's secret lace panties from the drawer next to his bed. He holds it close to his face with a tenderness of a man who has lost his love a long time ago and has not been able to recover.

He sighs heavily. He suddenly feels paralysed by waves of intense pain taking over him. His eyelids are getting heavier. Christiano tries to hold on to his conciousness but he can't. He choses to let go. He feels his soul leave his body.

His last vivid memory of pure pleasure and happiness flashes before him. George, his love, walking into their bedroom in those tiny, intricately woven, fuschia pink, Victoria's secret lace panties.

Jul 3, 2008

Nailed em' !!!

And presenting, the hands that I have been obsessing over for the past few days. Isn't that blood red nail polish absolutely gorgeous??? Thank you Ram, for the brilliant photography. You really made the useless "waiting in traffic" moment worthwhile.

Jul 2, 2008

That familiar stranger

Have you ever had that uncanny feeling when you first meet someone, that you have had some sort of deep, past connection but you can't really put your finger on it. You are just left wondering, with that gut-wrenching familiarity that makes you want to embrace this person into your life without knowing them for too long.

There is also that matter of the heat of the moment. You throw caution out of the window, nit-pick loopholes in your own logic, to find yourself free-falling into the arms of that familiar stranger. A stranger who will stay a stranger. Someone, who will not taint or complicate your future; and just stay as a memory of pure momentary passion; with no strings attached but a sole, soul-connection in your mind and heart.

Sane Insane, a blogger friend, penned it so beautifully, which I am going to take the liberty of sharing with you guys...

We met but once as though by chance
We didn’t date, nor did we dance
We looked into each others’ eyes
Without deception of disguise
A silent message passed between
My hungry heart was plainly seen
You saw desire I could not hide
You looked at me and saw inside.

How could a glance have said so much?
And cause a chill without a touch?
What was that chemistry that evening?
I wish for those moments when our souls are bare
As surely as our bodies there

Our bodies move in harmony
I couldn’t tell you from me
And locked in passion as we are
My sense of time began to blur
I must have known you from before
How else could you have reached my core?
In life perhaps before this one
What had we shared? What had we done?
With what I felt, emotions vast
I must have loved you in the past

But now we go our separate ways
To different lives throughout our days.

P.S. Be sure to check this blog out to understand the true context of the poem from the author's point of view.