Oct 27, 2008

In pursuit of harmony

Due credits to Sandy, my very talented photographer friend!

Oct 21, 2008

Ol' times

Its great to meet old friends from school after a long hiatus because they manage to take you back to the memories - some sweet, some bitter, some embarrasing and some downright humiliating. Those that you had managed to shift+delete from your mind as it was just convenient to forget them than mull over em.

Let me go back to:

1. The time when I wore bright orange pants to school in eight grade for my birthday. I blamed it on my mom for many years, but I know deep down I loved them when she bought them for me. A fashion faux-pas that I have never lived down.

2. The time I got that insane haircut in seventh grade. I decided I had the skills of a hairdresser and cut my hair so short, it hardly reached my ear.

3. The other time when I got my hair permed and the brush got stuck in it at the school ladies room.

4. The couple of months when I was ALWAYS in baggy jeans and boyish t-shirts. They covered up the curves well, considering all the friends were boys (Yes, even then!).

5. The controversies with other women over the high school basketball team stars being interested in me (I am allowed to show off - trust me - If you saw me then, you'd be surprised)

6. That ancient maths tuition teacher who used to lament every time I made a careless calculation mistake saying "Sue, you are an intelligent child but not a diligent child!"

Thanks Pranav, Bhavna, Himanshu for reminding me of the ol' times.

Oct 20, 2008

Could be yours, Sue

Every one who has known me for a while, knows my strong opinion on arranged marriages and how "dysfunctional" and "outdated" they are in concept.

But as I see my fellow opinionated friends slowly take the plunge themselves and find that they opened their minds to this concept to find a life partner through this system, I start to ponder - Is there some merit in this system, that my prejudice and bias has not allowed me to see this far.

As my parents "do the dance" about the Chartered accountants, engineers and doctors that I should check out, I am slowly finding my resistance to see their photos melting away - just for fun I say - but deep-down it is to keep that tiny door of opportunity to find everlasting love open.

Dad, recently threw a tantrum about how I should get professional photographs done - complete with heavy foundation, straight hair, lighting and a "disco shanti" saree. I refused... agreeing with my friend who quipped, laughing at my situation, "Kab tak sach ko chupaoge".

So while my mother was sitting next to me to write a "shaadi" bio-data... I decided the format below was too boring,

Name : Sue
Age: 23 years
Height: 5'5

I decided to put a spin on it which I plan to secretly send to the prospectives.

Hey boy (don’t know your name yet),

My name is Sue. I am a 23 year old dreamer. I see the world from five and a half feet above ground level with brown eyes full of questions and intrigue. Bouncy, curly hair forms a halo around my ‘devilishly naughty’ head.

I went off on an adventure trip to pursue my undergraduate degree in Business (marketing) in Canada after finishing my Grade 12 in Delhi Public School (R.K. Puram). Four years and whirlwind of exciting experiences later, I emerged a graduate and an adult. After one year of working in Canada at my university, a power company and Mercedes-Benz, I chose to return to the ‘homeland’ and worked with an advertising firm and then switched to (the organization I am with at present). (The organization) has managed to retain my interest for more than a year now. I work with the Internal Communications team and my job involves writing, editing, publishing, organizing, networking and not losing my head while doing all this.

And now the real me: a fun-lover, a brooder, a writer, a dancer, a blogger, a glutton, a social animal, an entertainer, a dog-lover, a conversationalist, a traveler and more.

My views on arranged marriage: I didn’t think I was cut out for it. But, choosing to take a chance due to my new-found belief in destiny.

Now, who is the real you?

Could be yours (*conditions apply),

* Conditions being: You have to be above-average hot, a dreamer, believe in treating your woman like a partner, a good cook (cos I suck), a dancer (its important to keep up with me on the floor), have high levels of patience (I am known to be difficult, sometimes!), be intellectually stimulating and have a killer sense of humour.

Random rambling

Every time I take a trip, I feel doing something significant to remember that experience. And this something significant, is always to do with my body - a tattoo, a piercing, a drastic haircut. At this rate, I will be a museum of body art in a couple of years. What is wrong with me? Is my routine life so damn boring, that I have to go over the board to be adventurous and rebellious every time I get away from it for a few days?