Jun 27, 2009


You know you live in the the internet age when...

you have your facebook statuses planned in advance for the week
you blog about anything exciting/interesting/ghastly that happened to you before you call your friend and chat about it
you judge a guy's date-ability score on the basis of his email id and nickname on chat applications
you think shaadi.com is a foolproof way of finding a husband
you can consult webmd for that embarrasing, what-if-its-an-STD itch rather than your family physician
you google the recipe for a spanish omelette when the potential bridegroom in the next room asks if you can cook continental food...

note to self: there are better ways to spend saturday night OFFLINE. more to come tomorrow!

Jun 25, 2009

From Chennai to Cannes

A fabulous TV ad for Times of India that has made it to the judging panel at Cannes Lions Awards

Sing it with me .... Ara ra naaka muka...

Check it out:

Jun 24, 2009

Dear God,

If you gave me one wish...

No, I wouldn't want all the money in the world
No, I wouldn't want the perfect GMAT score
No, I wouldn't ask for that one guy that I still love, to come back
No, I wouldn't ask to be the hottest girl about town (even though, that wouldn't be a bad thing to happen at all)

I'd ask for you to replace my defective, constantly overacting ovaries for a pair of well-functioning balls.

I do not want to be an overweight, pre-diabetic, hormonally-zonked pit bull ANYMORE. Thank you for hearing me out.


Jun 22, 2009

Of all things in the world... a pit bull?

A colleague who crossed my path when I was suffering from a heavy dose of PMS said that on days like these, I resemble a pit bull who corners people and then pees on them. And as if that's not enough, I bite them in the ass to top off the deal.


Jun 15, 2009

Confucious says...

Love is like grocery shopping...

its a matter of proximity and convenience!

Confucious says...

It's finally time to be me, no one is watching.

Jun 7, 2009

Off the radar...

and where else I’ve been over the past couple of months:

#1 Hidden in my safe place – home
#2 The hospital – the ovaries are overacting again
#3 My new workplace. Yes, the voluntary unemployment has come to an end; unfortunately or fortunately
#4 Shopping on Michigan Avenue
#5 Filling up my father’s bar with a trip to the duty free shop
#6 Exploring the suburbs of Massachusetts. And Cape Cod…. beautiful!
#7 Livin’ it up in Chicago – downtown…right by the lakeshore!
#8 Caught in an unexpected, uncomplicated, warm embrace with a complicated and sometimes cold ex
#9 Hunched over the toilet bowl – throwing up after drunk nights. And to think I pride myself over never puking (only passing out) when smashed
#10 In a beamer convertible, cruisin’ down New England roads on nice, 70 degree days
# 11 An American airport. Stranded. For 15 hours.
# 12 On matrimonial sites. What? … Just seein' what’s out there :P
# 13 In a motel-room bed, alone, for 30 nights
# 14 On a harbor cruise in lovely Boston
# 15 On Facebook, liking way too many photographs, comments and status messages

And now for places I should have been:
# 1 At the gym
# 2 On his mind
# 3 Hiking
# 4 Learning how to swim
# 5 At Miami ad school (taking a course in copy writing)