May 30, 2007

Gorgeous Goa !

The sand feels like a thousand warm kisses on my tired feet, the sun fills me in its golden embrace ..... transporting me to childhood days when I did not fear a tan. The breeze gets tangled in my sand filled curls. The vast sea evokes a sense of humility, making me realise the size of me and my inconsequential issues compared to the unending waters that lay before me. The serene strains of lounge music scraping any signs of tension away from my troubled mind. The deep gaze of that special stranger who sat next to me sending shivers up my spine. The cool droplets of beer quenching my thirst, embedding themselves in the lower layer of my already ample belly........ woooaaa, reality hits me. ** Mental note to self....drag yourself to the gym woman!

Goa was absolutely amazing. Every minute was worth the scorching heat.

Almost as good as Goa was the train journey there. It is almost like life slows down to match the lulling speed of the train, winding through the villages of Andhra Pradesh and then the breathtaking forests of the Western Ghats. For the first time, I really enjoyed a train ride....the experience multiplies itself when you sit on the steps of the coach looking at the beauty outside compared to passing out in the cold ac compartment till its time to get off. I could not complain about the company either. A couple of people that surprised me with their intellectual capacity, also won me over with their flair for situational comedy. Then there were a few who took me to levels of annoyance that I did not know existed within me.

Summed up, it was an unforgettable trip which will always make me smile in the years to come. If nothing works out for me, I know I can always open my shack on a beach in Goa and sell idli-sambar for the rest of my existence.