Dec 18, 2009

School # 2


I am beginning to worry now.

Dec 12, 2009

the unsaid...

its unsaid, but not unseen
your eyes touch me head to toe; goosebumps
the chilly night crackles with our spark
a veiled embrace that warms me

its unsaid, but not unheard
the quiet restraint in your first hello
months after that passionate night,
a distant memory, a moment of consequence

its unsaid, but not unfelt
your hand holds mine just a few seconds longer
your gaze that locks me, till I disappear into the oblivion
a reluctant goodbye

its unsaid, but not unnoticed
the fire you've ignited in my being
the longing to be one with you, one with myself
the desire to love again

its unsaid, but you've said it all.

note: inspired just a tad by a post made by one of my fav bloggers - fictitious truth

Dec 11, 2009

Confucious says...

While I don't mind doing the work for free, I better get paid for dealing with all the F****** emails.

Courtesy: - BRILLIANCE

Dec 7, 2009


Dear Sue:

The Admissions Committee has completed its review of your application for the ****** School of Management and Two-Year Program. Despite your many merits as a candidate, I regret to inform you that we are not able to offer you a place in the entering class.

The Admissions Committee carefully evaluated your application in the following areas: work experience, career plans, academic ability and performance, extracurricular and community involvement, leadership and interpersonal skills. Decisions are based upon a thorough evaluation of your individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as your qualifications relative to all others in our applicant pool. This decision is not a reflection of your personal qualities and achievements or your potential for success in management, but merely a reflection of the limited number of places in the class.

We certainly wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and thank you for your interest in the ***** School of Management and Two-Year Program .


Assistant Dean, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

While I expected to not get into this program because it was a VERY long shot, I was still disappointed that I was "Dinged". The number of applications multiplied this year. All from brilliant, super achievers with years and years of experience from across the world. I probably didn't stand a chance. I could have been what they called a "passable" candidate.

Now while I know that I don't match up, I feel better (almost) about the whole situation when I read the letter above. The magic of words rightly put, prevails. While you know its bullshit, you do feel like they are rubbing balm on your wounds by saying that you as good as anyone else. My dad loved the letter so much, he wants to distribute it to all the candidates he rejects at his company.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the others. December 16 is D day for the other Chicago school that I'm rooting for. Another interview invite just trickled in for an ivy league school. I am hopeful again. You better not have taken a break from praying for me.

Dec 1, 2009

Breathe easy!

1. Sleepless nights DONE
2. PMSing DONE
3. Losing clumps of hair DONE
4. Gaining a couple of kgs DONE
5. Three ghastly pimples/week DONE
6. Watching my social life go to one incoming call/day DONE
7. Using my boyfriend as a punching bag DONE
8. Chipped nails for weeks together DONE
9. Long lists of complaints DONE
10. 8 Heavy duty MBA applications DONE
11. 1 Super hard interview with a "turrum khan" alum from a top Chicago school DONE
12. Praying and hoping ONGOING