May 15, 2011

that first kiss

Why is there always this big fuss about the first kiss. Aren't you sort of fumbling anyway? And why do we hang the albatross of the success of the future relationship around our necks based on how great that first kiss is?

"Oh.. that's a little too much tongue... this guys is probably too aggressive, or maybe he is a pervert .... no way I wanna date someone like that. "

" God he is hardly opening his mouth, what a wuss.... I cant date such a meek fellow who is too scared to face a kiss head on, I mean what he is going to with larger challenges in life"

Really... all that .. from a kiss?

What is a perfect kiss anyway? Is it technique, the person or the hope that those closed eyes will unveil the dreams of the next five ten years with the ones we've locked lips with? In my opinion, all the expectations we have are what sets it up for failure. whether its a kiss or the relationship.

And we shouldn't make a big deal about a first kiss because its exactly that... the FIRST kiss. Doesn't that logically mean that we have so many more kisses to build a connection with this person i.e. chances to work on things and be mature about giving some one a real shot at being your partner.

I'll tell you where to shift the spotlight to. Wait for the next post, por favor !