Aug 28, 2008

Those were the days...

You know Bollywood has arrived when...

a mainstream bhangra number has Snoop Dogg guest starring in it. Damn!

Aug 24, 2008


My best friend is in the hospital due to a bad accident. Please pray for him. He needs it.

Danke Schon.

Update - Aug 29, 2008

Thanks for your prayers. They seem to be working as he is getting better. But don't stop yet cos he doesn't remember who I am. Pray that his memory comes back or I will be a stranger to him.

Blink. Blank. Blink. CRASH !!

One fine morning, I stop on the way to pick up my friend. He offers to drive. I decline. I feel like driving today, it's been a while you know. So I set off to work with my friend in the seat next to me. He makes some conversation with me for a bit, but we settle into a comfortable silence soon after. He is lost in his own thoughts, and so am I.

I am thinking about the 50 unread emails in my inbox at work. And that dreaded meeting with this client who I am dead sure is going to ask for that project plan, that is not ready yet as I am running behind on schedule due to that other silly project that fell into my lap cos my colleague didn't complete it in time.

Man.....looks like a traffic jam ahead. I slow down. I am still preoccupied with my long things to do list for the day ahead. The white Scorpio in front moves a few metres ahead. I raise my foot off the brake in my Automatic Santro car and it starts to inch forward to take up the empty space before some motorcycle or scooter guy tries to squeeze in. So I reach the desired spot and I move my foot forward to brake and settle in for the next wait.

I BLINK. Panic sets in. I cannot remember which one is the brake and which one is the accelerator pedal. How can this be happening? My heart beat starts to rise. I am still trying to rack my brains but I AM BLANK. I am dangerously close to the Scorpio in front of me. I want to stop the car but I cannot take the risk of pressing the pedal that I think might be the brake because if it is the other one by chance then I will hit the car in front of me even harder. Time slowed down for those few seconds. I could sense the impending disaster ahead of me. I take the risk and hit what I think is the brake but I guess it is not with enough conviction as I feel my car CRASH into the car ahead.

Amidst the loud sounds of car honks and shattering glass, I am confused, scared and almost ready to cry. I regain my poise and take my sunglasses off, getting myself ready to face the music and a big, burly guy gets down from the car in front of me. He walks over to examine the damage and walks purposefully towards my window. I am sheepishly saying sorry and look straight at him with my own panic-veiled eyes. He softens once he sees my face and walks back to his car without saying a word and drives off. I am too nervous to get down to examine the damage to my car so I just start driving. Miraculously, now I can drive as naturally as I can walk.

I am worried shit-less about this accident. I sure hope I don't forget to breathe one day.

Aug 22, 2008

Have you ever...

made a mistake that 8000 people know about?

I just did.

Aug 21, 2008


I know I have been Missing In Action for a while. Well let's see...

Fever. Cough. Cold. Tired. Swamped with work. Uninspired. Exasperated.

and then a few days off...

Travelled. Bangalore. Partied. Shopped. Tattoed. Drank. Ate. Walked. Coorg. Hiked. Rafted. Witnessed waterfalls. Met with the monks. Inspired to travel more.

Back. More work. Frustrated at others' incompetency. Even more tired. Uninspired...again!!

But. I will be back to writing soon. Till then, don't miss me too much. :P