Jun 14, 2011

that last kiss.

Never again, am I going to feel that tingly, warm graze of his slight beard on my cheeks. Never again, are those familiar brown eyes going to stare longingly into mine as I search for my eternity in them. Never again, will the same set of lips ever lock to create that 60 second hurricane of world-changing, soul-stirring intercourse of love and lust between two individuals. Never again, will I have my last kiss with him again, cos this is it.

You know what is a real tragedy.. when you know that a kiss is the last.

When you know its the last ... the mind is wheeling in so many directions. Flashing between the past, the present and the future of how you got to this moment where you are parting ways with some one who is obviously important in some way, you are unsure of how to remember this. Is it him, is it me, is it both of us, is the world that wouldn't let us be together..... Would the questions just stop for minute and let this sweet moment of surrender to my lust be the answer to my angst. Would the pain part ways with me to let pleasure play its part for this might be my last kiss with him?

You know what is an even bigger tragedy.... when you don't realize that a kiss is the last.

I do that routine two-second peck on the lips just before I leave for the escalator to catch my flight, smile, say our good byes and leave. And as I walk away slowly, fixing my laptop bag strap on my shoulder and check for my boarding pass and turn around to glance back at him, without for a second thinking that this might be the end of it all.

If I knew that this was my last kiss, would I play it differently? Oh what I would give, to rewind to that moment in time. To relive it, and really savor it .... to find a way to somehow make those few seconds last forever. And now the million dollar question: What is the perfect last kiss? Everything just freezes around you , and the only noise around you is two faint heart beats thumping in a confused synchrony. While the voice in your head screams at the top of its lungs in ecstasy, and your lips are shamelessly confessing the same... somehow you can't utter the words ... even to each other.... in the fear that this will all get jinxed and just disappear...

which it did anyway, despite all the precautions I took! :(

So this is an ode to the last kiss, the mother of all kisses... because there isn't going to be another one like this one.