Feb 22, 2009

Confucious says...

Love is like a desperate call to the suicide helpline...

it saves you from your seemingly unending misery, just in time.

Feb 18, 2009


The last few days have just tizzyed past me. I guess love makes you lose track of time. and much more.

Miserable me decided to go away for a while (hoping she has permanently moved to Alaska) and let carefree, chilled out and oh-can-I-dare-say-it HAPPY?!!!? me bring in the year 2009.

I've recently taken up some very strange activities and characteristics which do not suit my regular personality as I know it (well, not the recent "me" atleast)
Many a time, I find myself...

smiling like a goofy fifteen year old 24X7.

dancing .... all the time.... in the shower, in the kitchen, in the lawn, in the bedroom, on the road, in a coffee shop, in a club, at a petrol bunk, in my head, in my dreams and in his arms...

laughing... at funny jokes and at not so funny jokes

staring at the clouds and the night sky

smiling at my dad's angry face when he is yelling at me for being useless all day

endlessly waiting for my phone to ring, craving to hear his voice

becoming an insomniac

blocking out my past, my negative emotions and any apprehensions or confusions that may haunt me

getting up in the morning with excitement for the coming day in my head

constantly looking out of my window for that beat-down grey ikon. 9459.

checking the hair one too many times and once I look perfect, kissing myself in the mirror. What? I am worth the lovin I say.

feeling the happy vibe even after he has left.

flaunting my beautiful ring to every single human being that happens to cross my path. Oh wait, I didn't spare the neighbour's dog either.

forgetting all the miserable moments last year

and more than anything,

looking forward to life and loving every moment of it!

Feb 9, 2009

Since Dec 29, I have lost...

1. a job I loved.
2. a person who meant a lot
3. my ambition and dreams
4. my will power
5. my way to the gym
6. my faith in the corporate system.
7. a best friend
8. my heart
9. 2000 rupees
10. my confidence in my professional prowess
11. my 23rd year
12. my misconception that I don't have close friends

I have gained... a new perspective on life and a smile on my face (for the most part)!