Nov 28, 2008

woh mera pehla pehla pyar...

That boy that I met at a party, an interesting fella. I was rambling some bullshit story to him and could only finish half of it and I had to get home - after all I was only 17 and had a curfew time at home.

He hooked me by asking for my number. I raised an eyebrow, and he smiled cheekily and said it was only because he wanted to hear the rest of the story. Charming, I thought.

Many such sweet incidents followed.

There was this time he had his leg in a cast due to a cricket accident, and I was to leave for Canada the next day I think. I had wanted to go dancing and he decided if I wanted to go dancing, then we had to go dancing. We went to a club and swayed to the popular song at that time 'Aicha' with him leaned against a wall cos he couldn't stand without support. This one ranks in the "Top romantic dances of my life" list.

Another time when I was upset about something and was talking to him on the phone. It was something trivial, but I was upset anyway. To cheer me up, he got his friend to drive him over to my house (cos his leg is still in a cast), calls me out, hands me a Dairy Milk chocolate, smiles and leaves. How adorable is that?

He would pass by my house on his bike and ask me to come out for a second and wave as he went by, that was our 'mulakaat' for the day considering Dad was closely monitoring my trips to the outside world. :D

I remember this and much more, but I don't remember why we broke up, fought or all the ugly mess that followed. But I guess that works for me.

I am still in touch with him, and we finally seem to have gotten over the bitterness, so cheers to a long friendship ahead of us. Whoever said you shouldn't keep in touch with your exes, isn't right in this case.

Confucious says...

Love is a war field...

You let you defence down for a minute and you get shot in the heart!!

Nov 24, 2008

I solemnly promise to...

never edit or proofread my blog posts ever again cos I do that 12 x 6 hours a week at work.

Please don't pull a grammar police on me. I have no interest in commas, semi-colons or m-dashes or in their placement what so ever!!

The friends Sue needs to survive

This one is dedicated to the friend who sent the link for this piece to me and all my other pals who listen to me whine day in and out...

" Guys and girls both need to have that one person who is always there and doesn’t need a study guide to understand them, but even he or she can’t be all things at all times. Take a look at this list of five friends every person needs to survive and then get together with yours and enjoy perfect company. After all, great health and good looks can only take you so far alone. For a real makeover, appreciate the friends you’ve got and perhaps decide to make a few more to balance out your lifestyle and theirs.

The friend who gets it. Yes, this is often the misery loves company friend and that’s okay. When you’re absolutely certain your world has fallen apart and can never be put back together, you need a friend who’s been there and lived to tell the tale. This life saver should be listener extraordinaire who can tell you how you’re feeling before you say the words. They don’t try to tell you the glass is half full; they just appreciate your fear of the empty portion and assure you of your survival by their existence.

The tell-it-like-it-is friend. This guy’s for when you’ve wallowed, whined, complained and vegged quite enough. They are the friend who gets you back on your feet and into the mainstream of life. They are also the one who can tell you, quite frankly, that you need to get your head on straight and stop seeing that girl, drinking too much, wearing those clothes or openly warn you of any other catastrophe you’re about to head into. This has to be someone who can tell you you’re wrong and you’ll be willing to at least consider that they may be right.

The nut. This girl is a freak in normal girl’s clothing. She has a million phobias and neuroses and always wonders if there are sharks in fresh water or scorpions in the bed sheets. She makes you normal. Need we say more?

The new friend. Make a friend. It’s good for you. Expand your interests, take a leap of faith, share a secret. Making new friends helps you to evaluate who you are and what you really want in life. Old friends begin to look a lot alike after all those years. You tolerate each other. New friends help you see yourself through a new set of eyes. You might be surprised to find that you’ve accomplished those goals and become a better… you fill in the blank.

The friend for life.
This friend has been around the block with you more than a few times. He knows your dirt and your accomplishments and still shows up when you need him. He’s got your back no matter how stupid you just were. He’s there to pick you up and slow you down. This is the guy who knows what you’ll do before you do. No matter how long it’s been, it’s like no time has passed since you last spoke. "


Nov 22, 2008

Infestation of the corporate poly-ticks - The Series

Watch out for the unfolding saga of the corporate poly-ticks who have Miss sickly weekly ready to jump off the fifth floor balcony of the very-posh office building in Hitec city, Hyderabad.

A story with many interesting characters:

the protagonist - Miss sickly weekly
the boss - Ms Cruella Deville
a supportive manager in the team - Mr Wise Shorty
the immediate boss -Ms two face
client # 1 - Ms why-couldn't-you-be-MY-boss-instead
client # 2 - Ms how-can-you-look-so-hot-at-37
the other victimized team member - Mr how-can-they-treat-me-like-this?
the super boss - Ms Overseas
the friend from another team - Ms supportive distraction

Soon to hit "the Sushi Bar" ( well only as soon as Miss sickly weekly decides to quit.)

In pursuit of harmony

My first tattoo shown in the post below - kanji symbols for the word "harmony".

I always knew that when I get a tattoo, it would be of significance to me and wouldn't be some random design just cos it looks pretty. I also have a fetish for world language scripts, I think they look beautiful, alien and mysterious.

During the 30-minute pleasurably painful ordeal of permanently inking myself, I was deep in thought about the meaning of the word "harmony". There was absolutely none of it in my life and that's what made it significant. I was in pursuit of harmony, and if I ever found it, I would treasure it for life.

Money, success, friends, relationships come and go in one's life and it's the same with mine. I had highs and lows with all of these things walking in and out of my life but the one thing that is important is to have a balanced, somewhat disassociated and almost "zen" attitude to be able ride the waves without losing yourself in it.

Harmony - "a pleasing arrangement of parts" as per, would allow for this "balanced" approach - a way to create beautiful music out of the high and low notes in my life.

Harmony in my mind, body, soul and in my surroundings as well.

Harmony in my mind: Making balanced, rational decisions - taking all the important factors into account and also the weightage associated with each one to come up with a decision that is best for me and the factors/people involved. A decision that I can stick with and not waver from. Basically, eradicate all confusion. A decision that comforts my gut as well as my thought.

Harmony in my body: To have all my organs in working order and together for the greater good of the whole 'Sue'. The ovary has overacting and the kidney has been kidnapped for way tooo long. I'd like to feel healthy, completely healthy - not one sniffle, not one pimple and no strain of tiredness in the body - even if its just for a day.

Harmony in my soul: To be connected, truly connected with my soul. To be in touch with my bigger purpose, to find my faith and know my place in the world. To know the real me and accept the real me.

Harmony in my surroundings: To have a healthy, happy home with no signs of schizophrenia,depression in miles of me. To have positive, balanced people as my friends, parents, acquaintences and lovers. To shower my affection on people that shower their affection on me.

This tattoo, an extension of me now, constantly reminds me to stay in pursuit of harmony.