Sep 26, 2007

My 18 steps to certainty

I question, this world around me
Is destruction and death god’s decree?
Wondering if the end of days is finally here
Quakes, tsunamis, bombings, collapsing structures…. We live in fear
‘What did we do to deserve this?’, many cry out
What goes around , comes around … thats what its about
Raping the environment, ruthless felling of trees and pollution
Moral decay, religious blindness, endless greed and rampant corruption
We, as a nation, did a lot to deserve this
Proactive change is necessary, ignorance is no more …bliss

I question, what I have taken up as my profession
It does not satisfy my soul, this is a confession
Stuck neck-deep in this pointless rut
Its sad to say all I am now is a ‘corporate’ slut
Where did the passion for people go?
To help those in need, whether friend or foe
I promised to reach out to the community
But all I have now is apathy and immunity
To all the sights around me
Beyond my cush office and superficial job, I don’t see.

I question, my various social interactions and relationships
Are they based on true emotions or friendships?
I feel the presence of hidden agendas everywhere
If I didn’t serve my purpose would they still care?
I also wonder about this concept of love
Do we find ourselves a convenient mate or is it fixed from above?
Today, love thrives on bank balances, social status and even lust
And at the first sign of trouble, the so-called ‘love’ bites the dust
I question our age-old tradition of matrimony
Marriages these days start with a wedding but end in alimony

I question my decisions made in the past
The repercussions of my choices are going to last.
It is not like I regret
But if only I could rewind or forget
I question my existence in the present
Do I lead my life according to others or my own consent?
Am I prepared for my days ahead
Unknown territories I am going to tread
I question my never-ending ambition
Meeting one’s goals = happiness; is a necessary yet insufficient condition.

I incessantly doubt …I relentlessly analyze
Enlightenment and enrichment I want to catalyze
I question my million and one opinions
I know my ideas will change, they are not lifelong companions
I ponder about my currently cynical attitude
It is just a side-effect of my temporary solitude
Optimism is elusive for a second
But the moon comes down and a new day is beckoned.
I lay my questions to rest
And put my will and perseverance to test

…………….. all for a better tomorrow

PS I am really not that cynical....I actually like my job, the company I work for and even my friends. This is just random rambling on an off day.