Apr 17, 2013

the happiness index

We work.
All the time.
If we are not at office, we work on the phone, the laptop, the ipad or whatever else.
If we are not on one of these gadgets, our mind is at work.
All this for what, remuneration?

Cash. Money. Green. Dough. Bacon. The big bucks.
The big bucks that buy us the big goods that are supposed to bring us the.... BIG HAPPINESS.
Consumerism plagues our country.
Packaging unnecessary wants as important needs.
Selling us brands, aspiring us to be richer and richer to buy more and more.
While, not allowing us to realize our true, latent desires.

Small, simple moments of pure joy is all I hope for.
A walk by a gorgeous lake on a beautiful day.
(A lake that doesn't smell and has been maintained well for public use.)
A nap on a the green grass in a park somewhere with the husband on a Sunday evening.
(A park that isn't full of leering men who might pass comments or do worse )
A drive to a beautiful waterfall where I could dip my feet in and just dream.
(A drive that isn't made impractical and dangerous due to bad roads, rash driving and distance)
A weekend spent learning something new at a part-time class down at the local university.
( A weekend that isn't always the same - drinking, eating and drinking some more)

I live in Hyderabad.
And I don't see many options to fulfill my desires.
Its either not easy, convenient or affordable.
I miss living abroad.
Work pays more there.
The remuneration is life, truly lived.

Apr 9, 2013

Confucious says...

A blog post a day, keeps the therapist away !

its been too long, I haven't seen your pretty face ...

Back to 'the Sushi Bar' after just more than a year ! What can I say ... I was taking a sabbatical from being the working girl to be the lazy homebody who got sick, recovered from the sickness, traveled a bit, got back with the ex, got engaged to the ex, planned a kickass wedding, got married to the ex (who is now the current, for life) and is now living the domesticated life all in one eventful year.

Priorities change, but passions don't. And hence, I  solemnly promise to keep that passion for the written word alive, and not take the chance of losing myself in the dark waters of everyday life. So here I am, doing just that. There is always the risk of posting crap here, but hopefully crap will get me back into the groove of blogging again. Cheers to that !

Mar 19, 2012

the pain washes away

I quietly hide...
from the pretense of life
where its okay to break down

I openly cry...
tears flow; hot and heavy
its easier when no one is watching

I willingly confess...
embracing the ghosts of my past
a brave act of acceptance

I gradually heal...
investing half an hour a day
to think about new beginnings

in the shower, the pain washes away.

Sep 7, 2011

Overheard online

Girl X to Guy Y during one of 'those' discussions - "If I ever have to commit suicide, I'll jump from your ego level to your IQ level."

Sep 4, 2011

the diary of a single girl # 2

"Its not the man I am missing.... perhaps the sex. "

Sep 3, 2011

the new. the old.

new city, new friends, new job, new life, new dreams. new me.
old memories, old pictures, old songs, old friends, old scars. still me.