Aug 27, 2011

That perfect guy....

"Maybe someday I will find the guy for who I will feel like giving it all up. And that guy won't even have to ask me, because if he does, then he's not that guy. Does that make sense to you?" - The Diary of a Single Girl

Aug 17, 2011

creativity in chaos

Going through a long period of what is commonly called 'the writer's block', I have recently resurfaced on the beloved blog. While I am glad that I made it out of that dark corner, I kept trying to analyse it to figure out what went wrong. Part of that process was to find inspiration in my own work, calling for a thorough re-read of each post since I started 'the Sushi Bar' in 2007.

Then it suddenly came to me.... there is a strong positive correlation of the quality of the written piece with the frame of mind/phase of life I am in. If a graph had to represent these, then the flying peaks of happiness and deepest troughs of depression seemed to inspire the most beautiful work out of me.

What an irony. Here I am with my larger aim in life hovering around seeking stability and peace in life , hoping to balance these ac-dc phases of emotional turmoil and reach a 'zen' state of constant calm. Does that mean that I have to give up the deep spurts of creativity that emerge from these intense periods in my life?

Will I become boring and lose the edge if I attain 'zen'?

Aug 14, 2011

life lesson #1

no matter how much you lose, you can still find enough in you to go on.

Aug 10, 2011

the plus side

the lesser-known positives of drunk dialing:

you wont be complaining about the hangover the next morning.. now you have bigger problems to worry about.
alcohol is known to grow balls on otherwise meek human beings. Well, atleast you are sure you have them now that you have had the courage to make the call and speak the absolute truth, no matter how much shit it gets you into.
it beats the hell out of puking your frustration out or making out with a random person.
if the drunk diallee still answers your call in the morning, you know he/she still cares for you.
the awkward apology the next day and the relief at the forgiveness that's thrown at you.

oh and you sleep better and not just tonight, because your heart is lighter.