Jan 27, 2010

love actually...

you, as a couple, are comfortable enough to make farting wars a regular mode of entertainment
you are willing to offer that last bite of your-most-favorite-i'd-kill-before-i'd-share-food to your someone special because they glanced at it longingly
you are willing to pick up a wet towel he threw on the floor (this one won't last too long I'm thinking lol)
you are happy in silence, you are happy in chatter
you don't hesitate to kiss him after a series of prawn biryani burps
you will go in the general compartment of a train if it is with him
when he collects newspaper and left-over toilet paper from the hotel room to make a safe toilet seat for you in the train
when your sweaty pig boyfriend still gets a hearty hug from you

when this love ends, it still brings a smile to your face when you reminisce.

Jan 26, 2010

for better or worse: Plan B

I return from a four day beach vacation with a tan, empty pockets and a whole lot of perspective. While I left with a heavy heart and a meloncholy mood in the middle of the bad news that has made my gmail inbox its favourite destination. So here it is ... Plan A is down the shithole. And I need to accept and move on. As soon as possible.

1. K - Reject
2. R - Reject
3. H - Reject
4. C - Interviewed - Waiting for decision
5. B - Interviewed - Waitlisted
6. D - Interviewed - Reject
7. I - Waiting for interview

Yea, I know.... it sucks! The day I heard from D, I completely broke down. Five years of planning didn't win over my three years of experience when it came to most of these admissions committees looking at my case.

What is Plan B?

Jan 4, 2010



They recently removed 500 members off their list because they gained weight.

Note: Thanks for introducing me to this atrocious site Sharat :P