Apr 9, 2013

its been too long, I haven't seen your pretty face ...

Back to 'the Sushi Bar' after just more than a year ! What can I say ... I was taking a sabbatical from being the working girl to be the lazy homebody who got sick, recovered from the sickness, traveled a bit, got back with the ex, got engaged to the ex, planned a kickass wedding, got married to the ex (who is now the current, for life) and is now living the domesticated life all in one eventful year.

Priorities change, but passions don't. And hence, I  solemnly promise to keep that passion for the written word alive, and not take the chance of losing myself in the dark waters of everyday life. So here I am, doing just that. There is always the risk of posting crap here, but hopefully crap will get me back into the groove of blogging again. Cheers to that !

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